First Post!

Thanks for reading the very first StrongWing Studio blog post! Come back here every now and then to check out our latest updates. You won’t regret it at all… Actually, we can’t promise that. We don’t know you or what’s going on in your life. (Did I mention we have a newsletter?)

Anyway, while we have your attention, here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to so far:

  • Nick started up this site and continues to work on making it interesting to hold even the shortest attention spans
  • Nick, Anna, and Neil took glam shots and brainstormed pithy things to write about in their respective bios
  • Anna wrote this blog post
  • Neil slept, ate, meowed, farted, and went back to sleep (pictured below)





Oh, and we can’t end this blog post without at least mentioning the game we have in development right now! It’s called Breakfast of Champions, and it’s coming along swimmingly.



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